Priorities Latvian Presidency 2015: ‘Competitive Europe, Digital Europe, Engaged Europe’.

On 1 January 2015, Latvia will take on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The main motto for Latvia’s presidency is: ‘Competitive Europe, Digital Europe, Engaged Europe’.

Competitive Europe, the first priority, will focus on the creation of jobs and growth, and strengthening the single market by advancing the Energy Union and industrial competitiveness.

The second priority, Digital Europe, will focus on the proposal for a Digital Single Market that is expected at the end of the presidency, as well as the data protection package and telecoms package.

Engaged Europe, the last priority, is focused on Europe’s position in the world. The Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga in May 2015 is the key focus here. Parallel to this summit, a Civil Society Forum, a Business Forum and a Media Forum will take place.

Other priorities in this area are the opening of new chapters in the Enlargement negotiations, the Ukraine crisis, ISIS, ebola, the Middle East, advance on TTIP, conclude CETA, and implement decisions on Europe’s migration policies.

At the beginning of the Latvian Presidency, they will present their plans for the next six months, including provisional agendas of all Council meetings.

The 18-month programme of the Italian, Latvian and Luxembourg Presidencies is available here.

Latvia 2015 Presidency