Geneva Climate negotiations

COP21 - Paris

COP21 – Paris

This week, climate negotiations in preparation of the COP21 December Summit are taking place in Geneva. As it is the only negotiation round before the national plans have to be ready at the end of May, it is crucial. The goal of the co-presidents of the negotiations is to transform the text agreed in Lima into a more coherent document. However, many – including the EU – aim to add new proposals to the text, which is said to be too long already.

Last week, the European Commission published its position on the climate negotiations, but the European Council has remained vague on its position.

In a draft climate diplomacy plan seen by Reuters, Mogherini writes that the EU should exert maximum pressure on major economies to finish their national plans. The EU should “target and involve national parliaments, local authorities, civil society, the private sector and journalists at home and abroad» and look for celebrity climate ambassadors in Europe.

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 Timeline 2015:

  • 31 March: each country presents its commitments
  • 31 May: presentation of final draft negotiation text
  • 3-14 June: negotiation round in Bonn
  • 1 November: UN summary of commitments
  • 30 November – 11 December: COP21 in Paris