Democracy in Europe Challenged – EUROPAKONFERANSEN 2014

Democracy in Europe Challenged – EUROPAKONFERANSEN 2014


09:30 - 15:45


KS Agenda
Haakon VIIs gate 9, Oslo


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Welcome to EM Norway’s annual conference: Democracy in Europe Challenged.

One-day conference in Oslo 7. November 2014

Globalization and European integration have dramatically changed the political and economic conditions in which our democracies operate. The symptoms of something wrong are many; growing political extremism, nationalism and EU-scepticism, lack of trust in politicians and institutions and low voting turnout. Citizens in countries effected by economic crisis turn to the streets, demanding political change.

The conference seeks to shed light on some of these challenges.
How to get democracy back on track?

Amongst speakers you will find: David van Reybrouck, Vidar Helgesen, Helen Campbell, David Farrell, Raymond Johansen, Emily von Sydow, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Janne Haaland Matlary and Sveinung Rotevatn.

The conference is a full day event from 0930 am to 1545 pm, at KS Agenda in Oslo. Registration and coffee from 0900. The conference is an open and free event, conducted in English. International and Norwegian participants are invited.

The event will be livestreamed.

To attend, please send us an email;

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Moderator:  Christian Borch

0930 – 0935         Welcome
Jan Erik Grindheim, president EM Norway

0935 – 0940        Democracy on the EU agenda
Helen Campbell, EU ambassador


0945 – 1010         Norway, EU and democracy
Vidar Helgesen, Norwegian Minister for European Affairs

1015 – 1035         The EU – democratic?
Janne Haaland Matlary, professor International Politics, University of Oslo

1040 – 1100      The ends of democracy
Carl Henrik Fredriksson, Editor in Chief, Eurozine

1100– 1120        COFFEE BREAK 


1120 – 1140         How the Norwegian Labour Party adapts to 21st century democracy challenges
Raymond Johansen, Secretary General, Norwegian Labour Party

1145 – 1205        Civil society and the EU
Emily von Sydow, author and journalist

1210– 1230         Economic crisis and politics of identity in Europe
Thomas Hylland Eriksen, professor and author  

1230 – 1330       LUNCH

1330 – 1400        Democratic innovation – the Irish Constitutional Convention (ICC)
David Farrell, professor, University College Dublin and research director, ICC

 1400 – 1430       Against elections
David van Reybrouck, author and academic

1430 – 1445        COFFEE BREAK

1445 – 1545         LOUNGE DEBATE: Democratic systems and people – power and empowerment
David Van Reybrouck, David Farrell, Anchal Lochan, Democracy International and Sveinung Rotevatn, member of the Norwegian Parliament (Liberal Party)