European Movement International elects new Board and decides political future

Members of the European Movement International met together in Rome for an important Federal Assembly on Friday 28 November and Saturday 29 November, to elect a new Board and agree on future political commitments.

Reelected to the positions of President and Treasurer were incumbents Jo Leinen and Dries Callens respectively.

The Assembly also chose 6 new Vice Presidents – 3 each to represent the National Councils and International Associations.

New Vice Presidents from the National Councils are: Jean-Marie Cavada (EM France); Bernd Hüttemann (EM Germany); Nataša Owens (EM Croatia).

New Vice Presidents for the International Associations are: Ugo Ferruta (UEF); Eva Paunova (EPP); Frédéric Vallier (CEMR).

The further 12 Board positions were elected to 6 women and 6 men: Jean Marie Baupuy; Maja Bobić; Noel Clehane; Daniel Correa; Olivier Hinnekens; Christof-Sebastian Klitz; Aleksandra Kluczka; Roselyne Lefrançois; Claudia Muttin; Federica Sabbati; Katja Tuokko; Christian Wenning.

Going forwards, the Movement will focus on 3 key areas. These are: More Democracy, Citizens’ Rights and Freedom; Jobs, Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth; and Europe in the World.

Setting its future in motion, the Assembly adopted political resolutions on several topics, including: TTIP and Europe’s economic future; Party political systems and the European project; the European year of development and Enlargement. (Full texts will be available on the EMI website this week.)

Diogo Pinto, Secretary General, European Movement International, said: “Those who took part in the EMI Federal Assembly in Rome – participants and guests alike – witnessed the vitality of our old Movement. With ever more civil society organisations choosing to join the network, a rejuvenated Board and clear policy commitments, we are ready to show the way forward in re-launching the European project.

Notes to the Editors

  1. The European Movement International (EMI) is one of the largest pan and pro-European civil society organisations with currently more than 70 Member Organisations, bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises and trade unions.


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