Schengen in the spotlight

This week, again, Schengen is again in the spotlight at the European level:

  • ‘Temporary’ border controls could last two years
    The Council asked the Commission to prepare measures to prolong temporary border controls to up to two years. The short-term suspensions of border controls ends in May, and Dutch migration minister Dijkhoff said it is unlikely the migration/refugee crisis will be under control by then.
  • Mini-Schengen not an option
    A majority of Member States does not think ‘Mini-Schengen’ is a viable option, reports EurActiv. However, it seems that it could be considered as a last resource. The idea of a Mini-Schengen was floated by the Dutch government at the end of last year.
  • Schengen suspension debated
    Joseph Daul (EPP) was the last one to advocate a temporary suspension of Greece from Schengen, «if the government in Athens does not finally do more to secure the outer borders.» The Greek migration minister said yesterday that it was all part of a blame-game, and that any problems should be resolved together.

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