In memory of Jo Cox

This great country of ours believes in tolerance, international cooperation, and humanitarianism, which is about working with others to build a better world in the face of the many national and global difficulties we have had to face and will face in the future.

These ambitions for a better and fairer world are only possible if we have people in our midst who fight, campaign and cajole those with the power to deliver change.  Jo Cox was one of those few people who put themselves on the line to make us a better country, a fairer and more human world, and made it her business to take an important role in shaping a better world for us all to live in.

It is now our responsibility to take her legacy forward with increased determination.  In her memory there has been a fund established to support organisations that reflect her values and passion for building a more inclusive country and a better world.  Please find out more below and send your support to further a future that she would be proud of.

The European Movement wants to pay a particular tribute to Jo who worked for us in her early career.  Her commitment, enthusiasm, passion – and her sense of fun – is remembered by the Movement.  Thank you Jo.