Hundreds of thousands of Brits to be barred from voting in the referendum

The rules say that British citizens who have lived abroad for more than 15 years may not vote.

In 2015, the Conservative Party promised to scrap this rule. “We will remove this cap and extend it to a full right as a British citizen to vote in British elections for life.”

And British citizens living abroad have more to lose than anyone if we leave the EU. While someone born in Gibraltar who has never visited the UK can vote, someone who was born and bred in the UK but has lived in Spain for 15 years and one day cannot…

Over one million Britons live in Spain alone. They have bought houses, their children go to school, and they look forward to friends and family visiting.

Their lives could be completely turned around if we vote to leave.

Their work and their children’s wellbeing depends on EU benefits such as reciprocal health care, free schools and equal ownership rights. They should at least have a say in what happens to our future

The Leave campaign want them excluded, because people who are benefitting from the EU tend to be in favour of it (unsurprisingly).

There are three easy things you can do to help.

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