How to vote in the Norwegian elections

Up until Friday 11th September you may cast your vote in a pre-election in all Norwegian municipalities, however the actual election takes place on the 14th September. In some places you may also vote on the 13th September.

It’s important that you are able to identify yourself when you want to vote. Remember to take ID with you.

At the election premises, where voting takes place, there are secluded voting booths where you may chose who you want to vote for, without anyone else’s knowledge.

In the voting booth you may take the ballot papers you will use – one for the municipal council election and one for the county council election. In Oslo you may vote at the borough level and the municipal/city level.

Hvordan stemmeYou may any changes you wish to the ballot papers. If you wish to influence which candidates will be elected, you must give personal votes to these candidates. It is up to you to decide whether to change the ballot paper by giving personal votes. You can do this by placing a cross in the box next to the name of each candidate you want to vote for. You may give personal votes to as many candidates as you wish.

You may also write the name of any candidate from other parties or groups you wish to vote for in the space provided on the ballot paper. Instructions on the ballot paper will indicate how many candidate names you can enter.

After choosing which party to vote for and made the changes you want to make, you must fold each of the ballot papers in such a way as to conceal the party name, but keeping the space for the stamp still visible. In this way, no one can see how you are voting. The ballot papers should not be placed in any sort of envelope or cover.

Then approach a polling officer and get your ballot papers stamped on the outside. Both ballot papers must be stamped in order to be valid.

Place the stamped ballot papers in the ballot box.

For more information on voting and the elections, please read here


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