Arendalsuka: Om folkeavstemninger

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Dato - 17/08/2017
10:00 - 11:45

Arendal Maritime Hotell

Europabevegelsen inviterer til et arrangement om folkeavstemninger som demokratisk verktøy. Det finner sted under Arendalsuka og vil bli avholdt på engelsk.

Topic: The right to be heard – are referendums our best democratic tool?


The use of referendums and the call for referendums have increased during the last years. As a tool for democracies, be it to justify or legitimize new policies or to verify trade agreements, EU membership or even a withdrawal from a union – the tool is powerful when used correctly. The people is heard – directly and unfiltered.

But referendums are under heavy scrutiny when the referendum fails during implementation, is called in to question when they are not correctly applied, or “fails” to give the “right” result.

This debate highlights the use of referendums in different European countries and democratic traditions and try to answer whether referendums really are our best democratic tool.

Join us at Arendal Maritime Hotel, Thursday 17 August at 10:00 AM.

Referendums as democratic tool

Introduction to referendums and different democratic models in Europe – Jan Erik Grindheim, Associate Professor, University College of Southeast Norway
and President of European Movement Norway

The Catalan Case – Marina Falcó, Director General of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Catalonia

The case of the British: Scotland, Brexit, and what is to come – Jan Erik Mustad, Associate Professor, University of Agder

The Norwegian case: Living in the shadow of the 94’ referendum – Asle Toje, Research Director, Norwegian Nobel Institute


The debate is organized by DIPLOCAT (Consell de Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya) and European Movement Norway

Camilla Walstad

Camilla Walstad er prosjektmedarbeider for Europabevegelsens EØS-prosjekt.